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Texas Screening Alliance for Cancer Therapeutics

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The Texas Screening Alliance for Cancer Therapeutics (TxSACT) promotes the development of new treatments for cancer. By providing Texas’ cancer researchers with statewide access to sophisticated high-throughput technologies and services, the TxSACT program can accelerate the translation of basic discoveries in cancer research into clinical applications.  

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Screening Programs and Support

The TxSACT Program includes three discovery programs: 1) the chemistry-based New Drug Discovery Program, 2) the pharmacology–based Combinatorial Drug Discovery Program, and 3) the molecular biology–based Therapeutic Targets Discovery Program. These programs are designed to support the full range of experimental approaches being used by Texas’s cancer researchers to address the challenge of developing new treatments for cancer. These drug discovery programs are supported by three cores: (1) administration, (2) bioinformatics, and (3) education and information exchange.

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Equipment Available

Equipment Available

Tecan Freedom EVO 200 now in use.

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TxSACT Conference: Recent Advances in the Development of CombinatorialTherapies for Cancer
June 10-11, 2015

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Applicants may request a letter of support through the application system. 

Screening Application Process

The screening application process begins by registering and submitting an application on the online application system.